137 Hoàng Văn Thụ, Vạn Thắng, Nha Trang (+84) 258 3815 006

About Us

The Den Long Do Restaurant is designed as an old Chinese floor with a glowing red from the bottom up, accommodating more than 300 guests, divided into 3 areas: ground, lobby, floor, 4 cold rooms (1 Small rooms accommodate from 8 to 24 guests and a large cold room accommodates 50 guests. In addition, the restaurant also has V.I.P area with 6 rooms full of luxury amenities. Some specialty dishes of the restaurant: lotus soup with lotus seeds, eel tubers, Red Cages, burnt sea cucumber hot pot, snail with red lanterns

The Den Long Do Restaurant also serves breakfast with pretty steaming dishes ...


Our Events


When you host a party or family reunion, the special celebrations let you streng then bonds with